Batman v Superman Comic Con Trailer

Ok so I was shocked that they released the trailer on the internet (officially) before it could leak, which is a good move because thats what happened with the Suicide Squad trailer. So we got about 3 minutes of Superman and Batman goodness. I will leave the trailer below if you would like to watch again (I have seen it about 50 times as of writing this). I won't dissect the whole trailer but I will give you some bullet point thoughts

  • I think somehow Lex Luther (and the Joker somehow more on that below) manipulates the whole Batman vs Superman (why does he have hair!)
  • WHY AM I SEEING THE WAYNES BEING KILLED IN THE ALLEY AGAIN!!!! We know Bruce Wayne's motivation as Batman!!! STOP with the origin stories of the most popular characters in comics
  • Lex looks to have Zod's body as well as a big chunk of Kryptonite 
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Bruce Wayne was in Metropolis and his building was destroyed in the battle with Zod, did Bruce ave some family in there? Because the newspaper clipping says YOU LET YOUR FAMILY DIE written on it in red which also looks a lot like the writing on the Robin suit we see later on which I would assume was written on the suit by the Joker when he killed Robin
  • Is the Joker going to make an appearance in this film as well, I think so even if its just a flash back
  • 'HAHAHA Jokes on you Batman' that is what is painted on Robin's suit 
  • Who are the soldiers with the Superman S on their arms?? Also what is going on in the desert with them and batman?
  • We see like a second of someone scuba diving...Aqua Man scene ??
  • We see Wonder Woman and thats cool but she is not one of my favorite characters but I hear she will be the tie to Justice League 
  • Finally the best scene in the whole trailer is when Superman rips the front of the Bat mobile off and Batman stands up and they are face to face

Let me know your guys thoughts in the comments below but here is the trailer and some of my favorite screen shots! Come on March 2016!!!