Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer #2

So there are a lot of new movies coming out in the next few years that have me excited but none more than the JJ Abrams led Star Wars movies and the first up is The Force Awakens. So maybe its just my age but Star Wars really excites me, I had the figures and toys when I was little (handed down to me from a neighbor boy who out grew them). I was super excited when there was talk of prequels showing how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader but as we all know that was a HUGE disappointment 

So when I heard that George Lucas was selling Lucas Films to Disney and that they were going to do 3 more Star Wars Movies and some spin offs...needless to say I was geeked. I think George Lucas lost sight of what made Star Wars special, it wasn't the special effects (although they were cool) it was the story and characters. I think he got to wrapped up in what could be done in CGI that he lost that...and I think JJ Abrams can bring it back! The first teaser trailer was amazing and had me almost crying with excitement... after watching that about 100 times I was very confident in what JJ was going to bring to this franchise and that is new life. So that brings us to the second teaser which shows us even more, I won't break it down but here it is so if you haven't seen it watch it or if you've already seen it watch again :)

We see in the trailer some very cool things

  • A downed Star Destroyer and X-wing I think telling us that the old war we know is done
  • Darth Vaders melted and distorted mask, remember last we saw his body was being burned 
  • Also the voice over is clearly Luke speaking to someone and the lines he speaks sound like the same ones he spoke to Liea in return Of The Jedi. I also find it strange he says my father HAS in instead of HAD it...
  • We see R2-D2 with a cloaked man...that man has to be Luke and looks like Luke has an upgraded robotic arm!
  • We see a light saber being changed hands from what looks like a small hand to a larger female hand
  • Kylo Ren looks to be the new Sith in this installment and he looks awesome but remember there is always a Sith lord and a pupil...
  • We see Storm Troopers gathered and a new Empire Logo (if its still called the Empire) and what looks like a person infant of the banner speaking, A new Emperor?
  • And of course at the end we see Han and Chewy with Han saying that they are home.

Let me know what you guys thing down below, do you think this will be as good as I think it will be? I think we can all agree that they will be way better than the prequels!