Marvels Ant-Man Trailer is finally here

Honestly I could care less about Ant-man but there are 2 reasons I am exited for this movie...

  1. Iron Man
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy

Those seem pretty weird reasons right? Let me explain... I was not a fan of Iron Man as a kid and never really read cared about him as a character in the Marvel universe. Now I knew who he was and his back story but would I run out and buy his comic like I did Superman, Spiderman or Batman? NOPE. So when they announced an Iron Man movie I was like ok, whatever. Then I saw the trailer and was wowed and of course when I saw the movie I was floored and Marvel had me. So then there was the announcement of Guardians of the Galaxy and honestly I had never even heard of this comic...a talking tree and raccoon, really?!? Now with all that said Guardians is maybe my favorite Marvel movie yet, the tone, the music and the acting all just hit me in the right spots and I was in love.

So that brings me to Ant-Man, I don't care for him as a character and I never read any of his comics. I know he is an Avenger and one that I wouldn't miss if he wasn't there...but I'll be damned if I'm not excited about this movie because Marvel knows what I like even if I don't.

Click the SOURCE button below to check out the trailer for yourself and let me know what you guys thinks.