Firmware update for the GH4 brings Vlog and Anamorphic shooting modes

So anyone who has shot video with a GH4 knows you try to shoot flat (as with most people who shoot video) but there are some issues with doing that on the GH4. Skin tones... everyone that I know who knows about cameras and shooting videos says they can spot GH4 footage a mile away because of skin tones. When shooting in the Cinelike D profile on the GH4 (which is a flat profile) you would get orange and waxy looking skin on anyone in the shots. Well with the upcoming firmware update you know have another option Vlog-L, which is a super flat profile and seems to help the skin tone issues I mentioned before. 

The other thing this update will bring is the ability to shoot with anamorphic lenses....what is anamorphic you say where here is the definition I found from Google

Anamorphic widescreen is a process by which a comparatively wide widescreen image is vertically expanded to fit into a storage medium (photographic film, for example) with a narrower aspect ratio.So

So an issue with this style of shooting and this type of lens is that what you see on the GH4 screen will be squished together in a 4:3 aspect ratio, now you can hook up an external monitor and see the full widescreen image that way. I must admit I wasn't aware of anamorphic shooting before I heard about this update but after watching some footage I think it is fantastic looking. There is no release date on this update yet but I for one will be staring at my GH4 waiting...

Check out the source link below for a video about this from the fantastic guys at Let me know what you guys think about this update in the comments section below.