A weekend with the Samsung Galaxy S6

I was able to pick up Samsung's completely redesigned flagship the day it was released on my carrier of choice, Verizon, on Friday. So I have had a weekend to play around with it and I just wanted to give you guys my pros and cons after a few days.



  • Screen is beautiful and super crisp
  • The metal sides make it great to hold
  • The finger print scanner is amazingly fast and accurate
  • Rear camera is the best I have used on a phone to date (yes including the iPhone 6!)
  • Front facing camera is very good as well, for you selfie lovers
  • The double tap of the home button to get to the camera is super convenient and the camera experience overall is super fast 
  • Since they got rid of the removable battery, the rapid charge feature is amazing. Samsung claims 10 min charge = 4 hours of usage 
  • Speaking of charging the S6 has wireless charging and although its not fast it is very nice to have out of the box


  • The Gorilla Glass 4 is slimy after a few holds of the phone
  • With it getting so slimy a case or skin is a must and isn't even up for discussion 
  • Battery life is not good to say the least, now that its not removable I wish they would have really beefed up the mAh
  • No expandable storage, I don't mind that they got rid it but $100 per jump in storage in ridiculous and yes I know Apple does it as well and shame on the too
  • Software is still slow, I know people are saying its 'a new touchwiz' but I am still seeing delays in transitions and when opening apps
  • The overall size, this is personal preference but I do have large hands and coming from the Note 4 this is taking some getting used to
  • Speaker is down, (or side depending on how you are holding) and a single firing one at that, its loud but gets distorted when at max volume  

These are simply my initial impressions and I will do a '2 weeks later' video in a few weeks but I wanted to let you guys know my thoughts so far. If there is anything you guys would like covered feel free to ask on my social sites or in the comment section below. Also check out my unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S6 HERE